Councelling cell

Counselling Cell

Counselling helps a student to take appropriate life making decisions, equipping her with adequate emotional, psychological and personal strength that will help her overcome any anxiety or tribulation felt due to peer pressure, faulty social interaction and wrong parental injunctions. The Cell not only serves the pupil but also the parents, teachers and the community at large.

The Centre handles every student with utmost care and concern. It also concentrates on students who do not perform well in the exams and are irregular to the classes. These students, along with their parents are invited to the Centre for a meaningful discussion with the Counselor to sort out problems and find remedies.

Aims and Objectives of Counselling Cell:

  1. To help the students in the development of their self-identity, use of appropriate social skills for interacting with others.
  2. To provide guidance to develop positive attitude and behaviour in order to meet challenges of life to make it better.


Prof. M. Pushpa

Prof. M. Pushpa



Smt. H.V. Leelambike