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Sri Gurikar Marimallappa

gurikar marimallappa

Sri Gurikar Marimallappa was born in Chikkanayakana Halli of Tumkur District in 1818, to the proud parents Sri Mallappa and Smt. Honnamma. As he was the first son in the family, he had to shoulder a lot of responsibility. Music, Literature and acting were in his blood. Naturally, Mysore city known for its culture, art and education, attracted this talented young boy. Marimallappa left his native place at the age of eight and came to Mysore and because of his exceptional talent, drew the attention of the Maharaja of Mysore, Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar III, who gave him a suitable job at the Mysore Palace.

Sri Marimallappa was very much impressed by the service, sacrifice and generosity of the Maharaja for his subjects. Having no children of his own, he decided to establish an educational institution in the city of Mysore as suggested by Sri Rangacharlu who was the controller of the Palace at that time. He collected Rs. 50,000/- for this purpose, but before he could execute his plan, he fell seriously ill. He then got a will written on his deathbed and saw to it that his intention of starting an educational institution was included in it. But some vested interests got the will so written that his entire property was going to be used for building a temple. When he heard this on his death bed, be became furious. He got the will changed according to his original intention. He conveyed his ambition to the famous English Architect Mr. Standish Lea and entrusted to him, the responsibility of constructing a suitable building immediately. He breathed his last in 1872 after being satisfied that his ambition would soon turn into a reality.

While the construction of building was going on, there was a paucity of funds. Smt. Mallamma, wife of Sri. Gurikar Marimallappa came forth to meet the entire expenditure by selling all her jewellery. Thus, because of the generosity of both the husband and wife, a beautiful building emerged in the heart of the city. In the course of time, this educational institution acquired fame for disseminating knowledge and skills to both urban and rural students.