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The NSS Unit of the college has more than 100 volunteers, who have attended various campus held at local and state levels. Every year the NSS Unit of the College conducts a week long special camp in a rural area/village within a radius of 20 kms. Such camps go a long way in developing discipline and leadership qualities among students and motivates them to serve the society. Several such camps have successfully laid a foundation for community development.

NSS Special Camps

Year Place NSS Officer
1984-85 Varkodu Dr. N. Savithri
1985-86 Varkodu Dr. N. Savithri
1986-87 Badanval Dr. N. Savithri
1987-88 Melkote Dr. N. Savithri
1988-89 Melkote Dr. N. Savithri
1989-90 (Two Units) Jayapura Dr. N. Savithri & Prof. R.M. Bewoor
1990-91 (Two Units) Mahilavidyapeeta, Nanjangud Dr. N. Savithri & Prof. R.M. Bewoor
1991-92 (Two Units) Manasagangotri, Mysore Prof. K.N. Panchakshara Swamy
1992-93 Manasagangotri, Mysore Prof. Y.D. Dhananjaya
1994-95 Ayarahalli Prof. Y.D. Dhananjaya
1995-96 Thalur Prof. Y.D. Dhananjaya
1996-97 Basahallihundi Prof. R. Kemparaju
1997-98 Varuna Prof. R. Kemparaju
1999-20 Pillahalli Prof. R. Kemparaju
2002-03 Marballi Prof. R. Kemparaju
2003-04 Koodanahalli Prof. R. Kemparaju
2004-05 Hulimavu Prof. R. Kemparaju
2005-06 Baradanpura Prof. H.V. Leelambike
2006-07 Chikka Kanya Prof. H.V. Leelambike
2007-08 Bokkahalli Prof. H.V. Leelambike
2008-09 Immavu Prof. M. Pushpa
2010-11 Vajamangala Prof. M. Pushpa
2011-12 Yechagalli Prof. R. Kemparaju
2012-13 Basahallihundi Prof. R. Kemparaju
2013-14 Shetta Nayakanahalli Prof. R. Kemparaju
2014-15 Puttegowdanahundi Prof. R. Kemparaju
2016-17 Baradana Pura Prof. R. Kemparaju
2017-18 Marballi Prof. R. Kemparaju
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