Minor Research Project entitled
“Life and Achievements of Hoysala King Ballala III (1291-1342 A.D) vide UGC letter No. 2176-MRP/15- 16/KAMY010/UGC-SWRO dated 25.04.2016,

Summary of Findings

Ballala III, son of Narasimha was the great Hoysala Kings. This long regime of fifty years was an eventful reign in the History of Karnataka; he is responsible for the unification of the Kingdom. During his rule the Hoysala administration had been based on the ancient Hindu ideals. He introduced many innovations to the administrative machinery. King Ballala III at times of crisis he personally attended battles and made grants to those who fought bravely on his side. He took active interest in matters of Law and Justice. Foreign trade was in brisk progress. During his reign the Hoysala rule witnessed a harmonious blending of different religions. After his death the Hoysala Empire was divided between Narsimha III and Ramanatha. Muhammad – Bin- Tughalug invaded Hoysala Empire during the period of Ballala III. This had ruined both wealth and Prestige. Mallik Kafur ruined the Hoysala Empire, which led to the downfall of Hoysala Empire.

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